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At the Bastion, we understand that the business of Finance hinges on trust and credibility as the currency of trade. We help you negotiate this intricate environment. We offer companies insights on engaging with employees, customers, communities and shareholders by leveraging the vast resources now available for micro-targeting and message penetration. Whereas Finance is a vast and dynamic field, we commit to understanding the challenges of our financial services clients and then following through with actionable insights, while constantly studying the state of trust within the financial services industry. With deep insights and creative thinking, we guide clients as they chart the path toward reaching their goals among their own constituencies, as aligned to their business objectives.

We position brands to make headlines. Or not. Reputational risk and evolving regulations in the finance sector in Kenya are always on our radar. We establish clients as sought-after leaders in their sectors – from retail and commercial banking, investment banking and insurance to asset management, private equity and fin-techs. Coupled with our deep and broad influencer and media network, our persistence pays dividends in engaging audiences and spurring desired actions. We are committed to serving brands through all market and economic cycles to enable them navigate an increasingly crowded, cross-border marketplace to evolve their brand positioning and communications in a way that fosters reputation and credibility.